Many small businesses think that because they are small there is no way that they can accept credit cards. While this was typically true in the past, these days it is not all that hard to accept credit cards if you use the right sources.
There is nothing that will boost your business sales like the ability to accept credit cards, especially if your business is online as well as offline in the form of a brick and mortar building. The problem lies in finding a credit card merchant that will set up an account with you. Usually these types of businesses have strict guidelines and are hard to get accepted into. If you do get accepted they are generally wrought with fees.
However, a solution for the everyman does exist and it is a well known entity called PayPal. When you have a PayPal account you are able to accept credit cards thorough PayPal. So the person on the other end of the transaction can pay you instantly by using their credit card though PayPal or they can pay you directly with funds that they have in PayPal.
The latter is just a welcomed bonus as the real value with PayPal is the ability to accept credit cards. PayPal also has tools that allow you to display on your website the fact that you can accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.
PayPal does have certain criteria that has to be met in order to use their services, but when compared to other merchant credit card accounts they are not all that bad. Best of all buyers feel secure when they see the PayPal logo because it is such a well known name.
The fees that you will be charged by PayPal when someone uses a credit card to pay you will vary but they are considerably reasonable when you compare their fees to that of many other merchant accounts. A complete list of their fees is listing on their website.
Every business should have the opportunity to accept credit cards as payment. By doing so only one thing can happen; an increase in sales. While nothing is guaranteed, you can go to PayPal today and see for free if you qualify to accept credit cards with them. If you do, get ready for your business sales to really begin to fly in.
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