German may not be a foreign language you can use for college credit. The German language may be one to learn for talking via the Internet with those who live in Germany.
Learning German for Home Based Business Purposes
Knowing how to speak German with today’s technology can open doors to business opportunities. More and more people are finding themselves turning to the internet to find ways to make money from home. Learning more languages, like German, can help bridge the language gaps.
Learning to speak German can lead to business leads from Germany to help build your online, home based business. Even if you only speak or can read German at the beginner’s level, this will help your leads and yourself communicate about business.
There are many online opportunities for people all around the to start from home. These types of business can be difficult when you aren’t able to communicate with others from around the world.
Indo-European Languages Tutorial For Learning German
The main page for learning German at this website starts with the basic pronunciations of the most used terms. Each section has further exercises to use for learning to speak German.
Learn German at BBC
The BBC provides several different ways to learn German for free. You can learn German through online tests, videos, and through audio downloads. There is a printable holiday phrase sheet to print out.
The above sites can help you close the communication gap when doing business online with people from Germany. There are websites online that are written in German. This can also help you read these websites.
Speaking to German Visitors or Legal Residents of the United States
I know a few people who moved from Germany to the United States and learned a few of the words from their language. I liked learning the few words that I learned from the people that I worked with and customers of a grocery store I worked at.
Since leaving this grocery store, I have met a few more people from Germany. Many of these people have learned the English language to communicate with others, but sometimes during the conversations slip back into their native language.
Some of the words they spoke in German I understood from the people I have met over the years or from my grandmother who would occasionally have a slip of the tongue with words her grandparents taught them when they were kids.
As you can see, there were occasions when learning the German language would have been a blessing for me to learn. Learning German for those who work in retail can be a big benefit for you to be able to talk with the customers you come in contact with during business hours.

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