Earn Money from Home While Sleeping – does that sound impossible to you? Naturally, you want to know how to do so. Thanks to the Internet-based businesses, this is a reality – you can now make money when you are at your computer, away from it or are on vacation. All you need to do is register with a good Paid To Click or PTC site. In fact, it might be better if you signed up with several. It will help you maximize the income that you can make from such sites.
Let us see what is a PTC site and how they help you make money – you will understand how exactly you earn money from home while sleeping. Most ad agencies use PTC sites as a legitimate way of increasing traffic to their websites. They pay anyone who clicks on their link in the PTC site and views their site for a specified amount of time (this time can vary from site to site). The payout is not large, as there is no work involved – the typical payment is a few cents per click.
You could make a few dollars by clicking on ads on a PTC site daily. To register with such a site you need a valid email id and need a payment processing gateway to channel the payout into your bank account. Many sites offer you a basic (read free) membership that has a small number of clickable ads for you daily. There are also premium memberships on offer – the number of ads available is more and the payout per ad is higher. Most PTC sites support referrals. Every time your referral clicks on an ad, you also get paid. The payout for referral clicks varies from site to site. So, you could earn money from home while sleeping if your referrals are clicking on ads.
The more PTC sites you register with, the more your referrals, and the higher your income. In fact, you may earn more from your referrals than from clicking on ads daily. Once you have enough referrals, you only need to maintain the number and before you know it; you may be making your wish to earn money from home while sleeping a reality.

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