Have you ever been to a seminar, trade show, or network marketing event?  Consumers want more than a simple sales pitch when making a decision to buy a product.  Event marketing gives marketers the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level.  I regularly attend marketing events because it is a great way to connect with others and learn new way of doing things.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is creating, promoting, and presenting your product or service so you can get engagement.  They can be done both online or offline to build relationships and trust with buyers.  They must have that wow factor and make a lasting impact.  There is nothing worse than paying for an event and it is all fluff with no substance.   They are a complete waste of time and I know you have better things to do.

You need good content that gives value so you can succeed with your event marketing.  Don’t get too complicated because keeping it as simple as possible will help you stay focused.  One thing you don’t want is to have all the trimmings take away from your message.  A successful event gives your message and your value packed content to your audience.

Types of Event Marketing

Event marketing is done both online and offline.  Event marketing online is done with webinars and live events and are held through a web applications like google hangouts, skype, gotowebinars, and adobe connect.   It costs less to do online events and they allow you to reach more people.  Webinars are real time events lasting 30 minutes to an hour and are great for presentations,  and workshops.  They can also be on demand but real time webinars lets your audience participate with questions.  Live event marketing is streamed and you can get started with a webcam.  You see live events on Livestream and Google+Hangouts and they let you record and interact with your audience with chat functions.

Offline events are held in a physical locations and they let you communicate face to face.  These events cost more than online events but there is nothing like being there in person.  Last year I went to Ray Higdon’s PRS 2016 and got to meet and talk with many of the speakers.  You can meet and build relationships at these events like the couple I met from Orlando at an event.  They told me they attended a Tony Robbins event and met a couple from Dallas and joined their network.  I met this couple at an event, exchanged contact information, and invited them to Tampa so we can connect.

Offline event marketing is seen in tradeshows, seminars, and conferences.  Trade shows are industry specific  and lets many companies in the market participate.  This is where companies can give new product demonstrations and get more market exposure.  Conferences are another industry specific event used for educating and training your audience.  Seminars are smaller educational events and can be open to the public.

Set Goals and Measure Results

You need to know all the details, plan and establish your goals when doing event marketing.  Knowing your goals will help you make a plan for measuring your success.  You want to know what is the worst thing that can happen so you can minimize the risk on your investment.  You want to know what you are going to measure and how you will measure it.  This will help you find out your return on investment (ROI).

Everyone has different ways of measuring ROI and some are more complex than others.  What they measure is different from one company to the next.  Keeping track of who attends the event lets you know if they were a registered guest, or if they were invited by someone else.  It will also let you know how many people confirmed but didn’t make it.

Promoting events

With so much riding on your event you want to make sure you promote it right and to the right audience.  There are many marketing techniques that can be used with event marketing depending on your goals.  The greater majority of people attending events want education or to network.  Giving people an experience lets you connect with those who may buy from you.  Give them a memorable experience and over deliver on the value you give and they will remember you.

What better place to get new leads than participating in an event?  Your target audience is there and all you have to do is connect with them.   They are already interested in your message, product, or services or they wouldn’t be there.   Get out of your comfort zone and use different events to connect with your existing customers so you can build loyalty.  Gain the attention of new customers so you can introduce them to what you do and upsell them into other products or services.  What makes you stand out is the value you give that others don’t, that extra step to educate your customers that they will appreciate.

Start promoting your event about 6 weeks before it starts and use different media to get your promotions out.  Use email, social media, PR campaigns, and offline methods if you are doing a local event.  You have to send out your notices regularly so you get more people attending.  Choose your audience so you get the right people to attend.  For this you need to do some market segmentation but it is worth the extra effort.  You owe it to yourself and your audience to take the extra steps.

Follow Up

In your planning stage include a follow up system.  This will help the attendees remember you and set you apart from the rest.  The first thing you want to do is make a list of everyone that attended and a list of those that didn’t.  You should plan your email follow up sequence and frequency and any offers you want to send out.  Your follow up system is one of the most important things you can do because customers may need to touch your business 7 or 8 times before they decide to buy.

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