Anyone with some experience in content creation will attest to the fact that creation of quality content is a daunting task. One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to content marketing is that, to be able to succeed in the niche, you need a lot of content. The fact of the matter is that, you cannot just skimp on it.

Through a survey that was conducted by Content Marketing Institute, it was discovered that majority of the content marketing organizations are now trying to increase the total amount of content they are creating. This aspect was even addressed by Gary Varnerchuk a prolific content creator. He said the he will be tripling his content as by simply doubling does not quite show just how important the whole idea is.

Creating high quality content and how it is done

As mentioned above the secret of achieving success in as far as content marketing is concerned is through content creation. Creating quality content always posses as a challenge to many people. Some people lack time while others simply find it hard to generate quality content.

Currently, we have a lot of content online. This was not the case about ten years ago. The presence of new outlets such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and many more have provided avenues through which quality content can be published. Other social media channels in the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to easily share our already created content.

Creating epic shit and not just quality content

Today, to be able to make an impact online, you will need to provide more than just quality content. To be noticed and ultimately leave an impact on people’s lives, you need to start by creating AWSOME content. According to Corbett Barr, he reckons, “Building a raving audience online all starts with writing epic shit. Period. Hands down. End of story!” As part of the awesome content he said, ” Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.”

In a related statement, Wil Reynolds also recons that creating blog post with titles such as “Top 10…”, “The Secret To” or even “The Best of” will not cut it. He said,” Your Company needs to be engaged in Real Company Shit.”

By combining epic shit together with Real Company Shit, you end up getting really awesome content that can be spread around.

For many people, time might be a limiting factor inhibiting your progress. I will introduce you to a quite simple time saving concept which I refer to as “Content Circle.” This module will help you take advantage of the available blogging opportunities and also help you to create additional content which can be shared on social media. There is a general process that can be adapted when creating awesome content.

Conduct a research on the topic
Organize your ideas
Produce a rough draft
Edit and format your content
Ensure the content is fully optimized for search and social
Attach an image to accompany the content
Make a schedule for posting

In a nut shell, when producing an awesome content, the first 2 steps in the above list should take you about 6-8 hours. You should not be bothered by the length of the material. Go for quality as opposed to quantity. This might come into contrast with what many digital marketers are currently saying, that Google is ranking much better if a post is more than let’s say 2000 words. This might be true if your real aim is to gain “potentially” better rankings. On the other hand if you are interested into attracting the interest of your readers you have to think of how many of those will have the strength to read such a long article and spend his/her valuable time on it! Therefore you have to be sure to offer the best quality you can and let quantity as a secondary factor of your effort!

A Bacon Story

Let’s use this fictitious story as our example.

As a caterer who usually takes inspirational walks downtown; one day as you are conducting your routine walks, you stumble into a poster hanging up in a store window. This poster triggers an idea in your head. The idea could be bacon wrapped around eggs with a tooth pick piercing through it. Call it bacon hors d’oeuvre!

Out of excitement, you get home and the first thing you do is conduct a search to establish whether your idea has been used elsewhere. You bump into bacon aficionados, bacon burrito and bacon weaving but at no point do you see bacon hors d’oeuvre.

After that, you then conduct a research on the best way of preparing your bacon. After hours of researching, you rush to the store and get several bacons to test. While in the kitchen you take notes and photos to share with friends. Without realizing, minutes will turn into hours before you actually execute your idea.

Relating the story to content circle

A content circle consists of the following elements; blog at the core, audio, text, images, presentation and video.

After a long spell of working in the kitchen, you begin taking notes using your phone by recording them. And after completing, you transcribe the audio part into text form and organize them in readiness for your blog post. To help you with the process, you go ahead and take photos while at the same time recording a video of the same.

You later on decide to come up with a presentation that you can share with your fellow friends. Without leaving anything out, you use your audio clips derived from your notes and pictures to come up with yet another video.

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you have plenty of notes, pictures, videos and a presentation that could enable you to create an inforgraphic.

To succeed at content marketing, you need to complete the content circle. You must have everything for everyone. Those interested in reading can read your blog; those with intentions of salivating can view the images while those who are interests in a seeing can watch the video.

Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

The fact that it is more than obvious that search engines such as Google are now giving special attention to content leads to the conclusion that more and more Digital Marketers will have to engage themselves into integrating in their websites quality content. This goes for any kind of a website which its owner wants to attract as much as traffic as possible. The fact that search engines might appreciate the quality of your content and hoping that the visitors will like it and share it will be a good start for a successful traffic attracting website.

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