Am currently attending the NAMS4 Workshop and before I tell you my experience at this live event, I want to fill you in on a little secret….

The Early Bird Special for NAMS5 ends tonight at 11:59pm. The organizers of NAMS are giving a whooping $500 discount if you sign up by this deadline. You simply cannot beat that. Check out the NAMS  sign-up page and then I’ll narrate to you what I learned from my experience.

NAMS stands for Niche Affiliate Marketing System. The organizers of NAMS hold the workshop twice a year, in August and in January in Atlanta, GA. This workshop is designed for anyone in the Internet Marketing field.

From the day I arrived for the workshop, I could feel the camaraderie. It was like, “Wow, I don’t believe am sitting next to Bob the Teacher” or “I know you from Facebook” or “I know your Twitter handle, give me a second and I’ll figure out your real name too”. It was just too amazing. My first NAMS workshop presented the opportunity to meet in person people that I’ve known in the online world, such as on Twitter, Facebook, Internet Marketing Classes, Forums etc. Special mention here goes to Leigha Baer.

Before the first workshop even started, I was already thinking about how I was going to attend NAMS5. Why? Because the organizers of this event just made it AWESOME. It was not like your ordinary workshop or other live events. What makes NAMS so different? You ever hear of a workshop to promote a book, and the author of the book is not even going to be at the event? How about those workshops with one or more speakers, all of whom are just basically there to pitch their products and make a killing at the workshop? Sound familiar? Listen to what my fellow attendees had to say about NAMS.

Just check out this list of the NAMS faculty: Willie Crawford, Kathleen Gage, Jeff Herring, Maritza Parra, Lynn Terry, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, Nicole Dean, Denise Wakeman, Paul Evans, Mark Hendricks, Dan Morris, Karon Thackston, Sid Hale, Joe Marsh, Doug Hudiberg and of course the man behind this, David Perdew. How could you possibly go wrong with this crew. What’s even more amazing is that all attendees had access throughout the duration of the workshop to these instructors. Honestly, I was still hit by that “am meeting a celebrity” syndrome. But then again, they’re not just celebrities, they are people in their fields that have done it, and showing you how they got to where they are.

And what can I say about my fellow attendees? I was honestly touched by the spirit with which the attendees were more than willing to help each other out, whether it was helping each other installing a blog, brainstorming on how to improve each other sites etc. It was just absolutely incredible.

There are three learning tracks, that is the Beginner, the Intermediate and the Advanced Levels. So whether you’ve never done anything in internet marketing, got some knowledge but can’t quite piece it together, making some sales but would like to aim higher, or you are looking to make an empire, then this is the place for you.

Am I in a better position because of NAMS? Absolutely. NAMS made me realize that I know so much more than I think I did. It made me realize that I have to have a clarity in purpose. It made me realize that I need to focus. It made me realize a lot more than i can fill in this space. Am coming out of NAMS so much better than when I went in. I have set goals for myself that I have to meet before NAMS5. I have made a promise to myself that I will not be unprepared for NAMS5 as I was for NAMS4. NAMS5 will be my measure of progress.

Will you join me on this journey? If so, please go the the NAMS5 sign up page. Hope to see you there.

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