Such as yourself, I’ve constantly read various tips on how to gain popularity in various search engines and suffered a high degree of random experiment failures. As a result of everything that I have learned, I present this article in order for you to learn from my past mistakes. In this article, I will present 5 powerful tips that will change the way that you think about Search Engine Optimization.

Tip 1: Researching SEO

Before you start building a website, it is important that you understand the black and white of Search Engine Optimization. Reading one article will never be enough. Google and the other big search engines do not tell people how to create the perfect website. What most SEO professionals do is research the trend on how websites gain popularity in traffic. From there, they’ll write various articles and I recommend that you read as many as possible to help formulate a well rounded decision.

As a result, you will be able to generate a website geared with more knowledge to prepare you for success rather than random trial and error.

Tip 2: Planning

What does planning have to do with SEO you ask? This is probably the most important aspect in developing your website. Planning gives you the ability to create a website and to continusily generate content pages without worrying about reconstructive efforts that consume most of your time. Why keep changing designs and shifting content if the site is set up perfectly in the first place. People usually rush to build a site without any prior planning. It’s essential that you plan the following:

Site Theme
Realistic Time-lines
Final Purpose

To keep it short, planning will save you time, money, and will allow you to execute without stalling the progression of your site.

Tip 3: Site Theme

So now your armed with knowledge and have a realistic plan, but now you need to develop a site theme. Whatever your site is going to be related to, ensure that you keep it narrowed down to a specific topic. Also, expand your knowledge further than what other websites have the ability provide. Become a subject expert matter into what you are presenting. Focusing on keywords and themed content will give you the traffic that you want and need. Without this your site will be doomed to fail.

Tip 4: Type of Visitors

Type of visitors? This isn’t SEO related. Wrong, the type of visitors you received is important for SEO. How is that? It’s very easy to explain. If you impress your visitors to a specific site, your site can spread by word of mouth, through blogs, and through back links which is all very important in the SEO world. Impressed with certain sites, I would even advertise certain sites. For example, positive comments made to me by many about a hosting company resulted in me switching to DreamHost. Because of that, I link Dreamhost on my other sites. By linking and spreading the word, Dreamhost is self advertised with many customers.

Creating bogus sites related to cars with fake information will lead to a high bounce rate. In having a themed site, your visitors should be more focused and will click your links, even the possibility of buying products that you offer. The type of visitors you receive should never be ignored. If you have 10 visitors looking for “red shoes” that actually go to a stored themed on red shoes, that will most likely result in 6-9 straight sales. If the site theme is about red shoes, but generate tons of useless content about “boots for cats”, you probably will get hundreads of visitors but will make no sales.

Tip 5: Optimization

Now that you armed with knowledge on what to do, the final stage is optimization. Just because you follow all these steps, it will not result in permanent traffic. The world of the Internet changes on a daily basis. Optimizing your site to trends of the Internet will help you succeed. For example, if text ads are more popular than image ads and you fail to adopt this trend, you may be losing revenue just because you failed to optomize the site. By optimizing your site, you may discover new traffic, more revenue, and receive more possible hits from search engines. This involves risk, but it is important for your website to grow.


You can now the create the perfect site (well as much as you can get it to near perfect). Be open, do you research, plan, and build your website accordingly. Do not give up and do not falter. The world of the Internet is always a large beast to tackle.

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