Before we begin searching for niche products maybe it would be a good idea to define ‘niche’. Let’s start with the dictionary. ‘Niche’ is an old word. In internet marketing it has taken on a new meaning. The older Webster dictionaries define it as a recess or indentation in the wall for a statue. Well, that’s no help.

Google the word ‘niche’ and you get similar definitions. Lower down the list of definitions you get this definition: “a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.” The definition is getting closer. Finally, at the very bottom and the very last is this definition: “a specialized market.”

Now we are getting somewhere. When searching for niche products you are isolating and finding a specialized market. Too often as newbies we confuse the meaning of ‘niche’ with a topic like ‘health’ or ‘pets’ or ‘gardening’. These are ‘niches’ in the sense of grouping in a very broad sense.

That is not what we are talking about. Niche products in affiliate marketing are products that are super specific. In the case of ‘health’, a niche could be a ‘hemorrhoid cure or relief’. In the case of ‘pets’, it could be ‘dog training German Shephards’. In the case of ‘gardening’, it could be ‘getting rid of moles’.

Some suggest you find something you are familiar with then choose the product.

Others suggest that it doesn’t matter, whether you know anything about the product, just find a specific product first then promote it.

Either school of thought works. The problem is in the marketing of the specific product’s niche. By that I mean that if you are marketing the product with paid advertising you do not need to know anything about the product. You do research on relevant keywords and submit your campaign to the internet.

If you are a beginner and working on a shoestring you may not be able to afford advertising a campaign. Typically, beginners start with a blog or website and write articles to promote niche products.

If you can afford to hire writers, then indeed you do not need to know anything more about your niche product than keywords that will attract potential buyers to your site. You let the hired writer do the research on your keywords. You must be careful, because you get what you pay for.

Where do you find these products? CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, and Clickbank are just two among the many. Use your search engine and search for ‘affiliate networks’ and you will find many to choose from. Each has its own requirements and programs. Some like Clickbank are easy to join. Others have more stringent requirements. Find one that fits your needs.

Another way to find niche products is to visit a company’s website and scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for ‘Affiliate Program’ or some similar wording. This is good for those of you that are familiar with a certain product and want to promote it. Or using your search engine type in the name of a company followed by ‘affiliate program’ and if they have one you will be directed to the their affiliate web page.

If you don’t have a clue as to what product to promote check out Amazon or e-bay and see what people are buying. Then go to an affiliate network and see if similar products are available. Most likely you will find one.

Niche products are very specific items. They can be physical products like bicycles or computers or they can be informational products like e-books. There are is no limit to the kind of products you can promote.

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