So you have decided that you are ready to move to being a home based business owner. Now the big question is how to go about picking the right network marketing business for you. With the thousands of opportunities out there the influx of information can become completely overwhelming. Below are seven things for you to keep in mind when looking for your home business.

1) Is the home based business something you will enjoy? Sit down and write out what you would like to do if you had all of the free time and the money in the world. Then take that list and start searching. There are so many businesses out there- travel, health, candles, crafts, internet stores, and photography just to name a few. The absolute worst thing that you could do to yourself would be to get started in a business that you had no interest in at all. Think about that job that you hate going to but that you drag yourself to day after day. You want your business to be so exciting to you that you cannot wait to get started everyday.

2) How much does it cost and what is your return on investment? Let’s face it- when you are looking at a home based business you will be investing not only your time but your money. You can find network marketing businesses out there ranging from $50 to $20,000. Even at the high end they will still be thousands and thousands of dollars less than starting a traditional business such as a store or restaurant. Your budget is important but just as important is your return on investment. How many sales do you have to make to recoup your investment? How much money do you have to spend on a monthly basis? Does your team have to have a certain volume in order for you to get paid? What is the cost of day to day running of your business such as websites and advertising? All of these things come into play when looking at a home based business.

3) How do you sell your product? There are several ways that you can sell product in home businesses. The most popular are internet presentations, phone presentations, weekly meetings at hotels or conference rooms, home parties, and one on one meetings. All of them are very successful ways of promoting a business but some may not work for you.

4) Where is your level of drive, determination, and motivation? Anyone who tells you that starting a home based business requires no effort is flat out lying to you. While it may be simple it is not always easy. You MUST sit down and determine where you are in your desire to change your life. Do not “give it a try” or “just see if it works out”. If you do this you are dead in the water before you even start. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to get off the couch on a daily basis then a home based business may not be the one for you. If you know that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are willing to be persistent, teachable, and positive then you can make it work.

5) How is the support system for your business? A great business will be one in which you have assistance on every level. There will be support calls or support numbers for you to call. You will have access to leaders on a daily basis. You will have a proven, easy to use marketing system at your fingertips. There will be lots of training to assist you in developing your business. Last but not least you will know that even if your sponsor is no longer in the business you will have no problems getting the assistance that is necessary for you to succeed.

6) Is the product you are selling something people are buying? In today’s economy people are slowly cutting things out of their budget as things get tighter and tighter in their household. Traditionally, home based businesses soar during times of recession as people begin looking for ways to make another income. In the past, when hard times hit, leisure are one of the last things to slow as people want to escape their realities. It has been shown that movie theaters, casinos, travel- all of the things that people think are fun- stay the same or grow even though common sense would dictate they would be smaller. Everyday staples seem to stay about the same and the items that get cut are those unnecessary items in between. Keep this in mind as you are searching your options.

7) Who are you running your business by before you get started? The following explanation may seem harsh but trust me, your friends and family may not have your best interests at heart. When looking for advice for your business don’t go to someone who is in the same broke position as you are. Find the most successful person you know, someone with vision, someone who is moving towards their goals and dreams. Then sit down with them, share your goals and dreams, and the business that you are looking at and get their true opinion. 98% of people are chasing after their tail and will still be doing the same thing ten years from now. You want the opinion of the 2% who aren’t.

Good luck in your search!

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