This topic has been on my mind an awful lot lately… So please forgive me while I try to put into words thoughts that have just been bumping around in my head!

I’ve struggled in the past with my own desire to constantly change my surroundings. I love beauty, and love being surrounded by beautiful things. In addition, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to home décor and things. In the past, that has made me very unhappy with my surroundings. I lived in our perfectly functional, comfortable townhome with a feeling of unrest and ungratefulness for a long time before I finally began to embrace the idea that

I thought every room had to have some sort of color theme, with all the right pieces of furniture and knick-knacks to create a magazine-worthy space. I would obsess over details and constantly rearrange things (and buy new things) until I felt like it was passable.

One of the biggest things God taught me over this loooong period of waiting for our new home, was to be still and enjoy my home where it is right this second. I have been avoiding buying anything home-related for over a year now, because I knew we would be moving. At times I thought I would explode with the desire to decorate or change

, but instead I did my darndest to just enjoy living in my home.

For a while, my “plan” was to wait until we got the new house and then unleash my decorating fury on it’s poor, unsuspecting interior. That was back when I thought we would have more than just a few weeks in the new house before the baby arrives! Now, I’ve changed my tune a bit. It’s going to be expensive to move into this new place, with all the closing costs and necessary purchases we will have to make (like a stove!). Even though we will have money left over, I don’t plan to make a lot of other purchases or changes to the house. It will get a good cleaning, some new paint on the walls, and fresh white curtains. And that’s about it. Everything else will be coming from what we already have on hand (except for that $25 World Market giftcard from my sister that has been literally burning a hole in my pocket since May!!!!!).

The house was built in 1950, and hasn’t really been updated besides newer cabinets in the kitchen. The main floor bathroom has plastic tile from the original construction and a big, outdated vanity. The tile is black and yellow.

The kitchen is small, is also graced with plastic tile all over the walls, and has horribly stained linoleum. But it’s bright and happy, and it’s a kitchen that we will love and utilize to the best of our abilities. The upstairs bathroom is teeny tiny and has been painted pink, with a pink sink and pink tile in the shower. But for Heaven’s sake, it is a master bathroom! I never once thought that our next house would have a master bathroom! I am practically giddy with joy.

We plan to live in this home for a very long time. Over the years, we will perhaps update some things as we see fit, to accommodate a (Lord-willing) growing family. We will tackle some DIY projects because we’re crazy and we just love doing stuff like that. But for the most part, we plan to just live in it and be ever-so-grateful that the Lord has provided a home for us.

As I was contemplating these thoughts, I stumbled upon and

outlining some of the same things! It’s written by Glennon over at Momastery. I had to reference it because it’s one of the things that compelled me to finally write this!

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