Recently, I’ve been trying to work on learning how to live a simple life. It boils down to what I actually need in my life versus what I want. For example, I need food and water to survive, whereas I don’t need a five stars meal for dinner. Also, I need clothes on my back to prevent my neighbor from calling the cops on me for indecent exposure.[laughs]

Out there in the world, everybody wants more. Everybody wants a bigger house, an expensive car, nice clothes, the latest iPhone, everything we want it. If we earn tens of thousands, we want hundreds, if we earn hundreds of thousands we want millions.

Things like what you’re going to wear today or what are you taking for lunch can take an extra amount of unnecessary time from your precious life. Instead, use that time to do something more fun and less stressful, like a morning workout, a quick walk in the park, walking to the bakery or meditating. Although it may seem a bit tough to accomplish in the morning before you head to work, it could make a difference in your life in the long run.


As we become more financially independent, people tend to add more and more things into our lives. Thus, it makes us use our homes and treasures, to justify that we have won and are successful in life. During my time in South Africa, I spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting on how my life would have been if I had so much money and fame. Everyone would have known me, who I was and everyone would have wanted to be my friend. It got me to a point where I had to think, would it really have been how I imagined it to be? Honestly, I would have felt superior to others but that’s not how I grew up. Humility and respect are some of the best forms of accomplishments.

Those time of reflections did not just make me think but it allowed me to find myself. Knowing what I want in life. Money was not a worry anymore. I felt at ease, accepting who I am. Well, it even drifted me away from being a Chief Financial Officer [laughs]. Instead, I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see in the world. I finally understood myself and found my inner peace. We are eager to receive more in life but yet we are not interested in cleaning it out.


Many people might agree that in order to have more, one needs more. Well, I absolutely disagree with this statement as I do believe that we can achieve more and enjoy life more with the little things we have.

Focus on One Thing at a time – When we give attention to multiple things or thoughts at the same time, we tend to not excel in any of them. Always focus on one thing at a time. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, even though it felt like I was being productive. When you focus on just one thing, you fully immerse yourself into the joys of this particular moment and fully embrace it.

Easy, Not So Fast – Rushing into the day or the moment and not appreciating the little things in life will result to not fully living life at all. Reducing the pace is part of living a simple life and enjoying what you have. When you’re focused, you get things done with a contentment.

Life is so Precious – We spend most of our precious time and resources on things that are not of any importance to us. Ask me about it, I’ve been a victim of that. At one stage in my life, I was so caught up in what I was trying to be, that I forgot to appreciate who I am and the surrounding people. My friends, my family and my colleagues. I was focusing on the anger and rage  that I had for my father that life slipped by me for nearly five years. Remember, the only time we have is right here in front of us, make sure you use it the way you truly want to.

Stop Spending Too Much – “The best things in a simple life are free.” Spending time with friends and family, sharing stories, laughing together, experiencing intimacy and irreplaceable moments with a loved one – these are precious and FREE! We need money, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s the kind of world where we live in, money is controlling us, telling us how much we can eat or not, what we can afford or not. But, it is always important to spend money on the things that matter the most to you. Don’t spend that hard earned money on material things that you don’t need or value. Rather, invest that money in your family and friends, do something together, make valuable moments. Make it become a habit and you will see a difference in your life.

Enjoy What You Have – How to enjoy life more? It is plain and simple, enjoy what you have. We don’t have to look beyond our reach to find happiness. Nobody has everything they want, but we all have something worth enjoying. Our lives!

Think Simplicity – How many times have you enjoyed the simple pleasures of life? Or, just kick back and relax, or lay on the grass and stargaze for a few hours? Not often. Take some time to really focus on the simple things, like your breathing. At one point, I could barely breathe properly that I thought I would die. If you focus on one simple thing that you like per day, by the end of this year you would have lived life the way you should be. I find happiness in the smallest things. Like jamming to Jerry Léonide “The Key”  debut album while writing this article for y’all.


Be Thankful for the Little Things – For some people, gratitude might seem a little too spiritual, and yet, it is a powerful tool for changing your mindset and making your life much more enjoyable. You should start by focusing on the positive aspects in your life and think about creating more of these aspects.

Very often, our thoughts are clouded by the negative thoughts that feed our ego or our desire of wanting something or, knowing that we have to do something but we let the negative thoughts influence us into not doing it. We live in a world filled with temptations. Take the time to appreciate what you have right now. It can change you in many ways, ways you’d never imagine. Also, please, stop comparing your life, possessions and career with others. Instead, celebrate your own accomplishments. Jealousy won’t lead you anywhere. 2 Corinthians 9:15 – “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” I am thankful to God for the blessings that He has bestowed upon me and I am blessed enough to have people motivating on a daily, which drives me to just be happy and be thankful.

Eliminate the Negative Vibes – This could be one of the hardest things to do, but it is also so important. It can make or break you in the long run if you don’t pay attention to it. Negativity shall no longer exist in my life, and I try my best to apply this in my life on a daily basis. Negativity comes from all sort of things, like stress, problems (whether it be in a relationship or work), and more. You can drown in this sort of drama so easily but it is quite hard to remove yourself from it. I dislike arguments and fights, in fact, I hate them. God does not create problems, we create them. So, at least, we should find a way to sort it out ourselves.

A prayer is a powerful tool, but we should not run to God only when we have problems. We should confide in Him, even in our best moments. Next time you are about to enter into an argument with someone, your fiance or a friend. Ask yourself, do I need to be involved in this? Yes, at times it will hurt to move away from someone you hold dearly, but like I said, not everything will be simple and easy on our journey, but it will be all worth it to remove the negativity in our lives. Our lives aren’t perfect, but if we live a simple life, with a simple lifestyle, we will be happy.

Be Willing to help Others – In a simple life, you need to be willing to help others. When you have less, you’re more in a positive mindset to help others. That does not mean that wealthy people don’t help, or those that have more are selfish, but what I am focusing on is doing something with a positive thinking. We can be rich and donate huge sums to charities and show off how much we gave, but still we won’t understand the true meaning of seeing a less fortunate person appreciate what we’ve done for them. We have given more than just money to these people, we showed them the true meaning of love and caring.

When you have less and donate more than just money to the poor, you receive a type of joy that can’t be explained or showed. You feel complete, you feel a sense of accomplishment. In return, you earn their trust, their friendship, and a strong bond. You don’t see them as poor anymore, you see them as equal to you.

Set a Low Bar for Happiness – Things like food, work, events and more should not become an everyday stuff for you. Instead, it should make you feel happy to have them. Something that we once took for granted now becomes something where we take a moment to appreciate. Becoming happier in your daily life for small things doesn’t mean you’re unmotivated to keep working towards the big things. Bashonline’s Blog  was once an idea which I had for more than seven years ago. Only seven years later did it become a reality, and I take time each day to appreciate the work that I now share with the world.

The way I look at my life right now drives me with more energy and inspiration. I am exploring the life which I once took for granted, just because I did not have the things that other had. Give it a thought, and maybe try to apply it in your life and see how it works for you. The small things in your everyday life make a big difference in the world.


Finally, I am learning that being authentic in life is something far more rewarding and relaxing, and I am trying to apply it on my blog. You can choose to hide behind your fear , and let people have their own judgments about you, or, you can encourage them to be authentic and let them see your true self. The real you.

by living a life that is not theirs. Instead, we should all take the time to think about what we think we need and determine what we truly desire. I’m not saying you should give away your fortune in one go to find yourself, but by showing humility and humbleness on what you want, your life will become much clearer.

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