Are you tired of creating a new proxy every day to earn a few dollars? Are you one of these, here’s a simple step by step instructions for you to configure the proxy once and make money for years. I wonder why many people are short on prosecutors to set up a proxy and ended after a few months. There is a reason and that is that the CTR and CPC Google Adsense rates over time. But what if you can keep the maximum CPC and income. It’s much better to improve your site to create new ones. You can optimize your site for certain keywords and make more each day.

Screenings Now, let’s get into the steps, but before that there are prerequisites for the steps. The conditions require the reader:

Able to create their own sites and proxy sites already has a Proxy years.

It has a Google Adsense account.

Now that we are aware of the prerequisites, we take a look at these steps for you to start earning right away:

Get a domain name:

Focusing on one area for a long time, we can put some effort in choosing a good domain name. The domain name must be short and easy to remember. You must also have a very sought after as a keyword “unlock”, “anonymous”, “bypass”, etc. Do not worry about competition in these words – competition proxy keyword is very low and it does is not necessary to classify in the first page – the first blocked proxies easily expanded. Therefore, as we unlock the domain name?. Com (note the? That represents any character). Purchase domains and point the name servers (we choose the next step) to your account name server hosting.

Get a proxy hosting account:

Choosing a good indicator of the reception is very important in the proxy. If your proxy host is overloaded, users leaving your site. If it is too expensive because most are proxy hosting providers, your benefits will be reduced. Therefore, the choice of a proxy hosting service which is not bad and not too expensive. I recommend purchasing a VPS or dedicated server, if you opt for an extended period.

Configure Web Proxy: Web Proxy Configuration is easy. You must first choose a proxy script – options are Phpproxy, CGIProxy, Glype, Zelune, Glype and so is the most popular. You can customize the proxy script by adding a new theme and repositioning the ads. It is good to put two heads and a square ad listings. You can also add a link unit at the bottom of the URL box. Upload files to your server and test it properly. Make sure your ads are running properly.

Promote your proxy: Your website is ready to generate income. You can earn $ 20 in one day itself. There are several ways to generate traffic to your site. Let us focus on a few but powerful. Promotion: is the giant of Proxies. It has hundreds of thousands of users per day. You can generate traffic to your site enormous power. A simple way is to send your proxy site listed in their free, but requires a link to A much better way is to use the premium offered by ads. From the list of the premium variety, the better the mass message. The use of this service and get the most traffic on one day to earn $ 30 – $ 40 per day. And guess what, you pay only $ 5 for a single blast e-mail. You can use the explosion of e-mail several times, but not during the next 7 days. That blows above e-mail to generate traffic to your site. This way, you can earn more than $ 20 per day.

SEO: Promoting is for the short term and reduces the traffic over time. For a long-term traffic, Google is the main source. You’d be a fool not to optimize your proxy site to Google. Therefore, starting a small SEO, optimizing your site title, meta tags, content, etc. may not rank well in Google right away, but in the long term, he will earn his place in the SERPS.

Filing Proxy:

Send your order to some of the sites listed in the Top proxy. Present only in some high traffic sites, because they do not want your proxy site to look like a link farm. Use only the top proxy lists like topbits, proxy sites, proxy, etc.

Proxy groups: search Google for “site: proxy sites” and “site: proxy sites and go to the home page and share power with users there.

Share: Share your proxy with friends on Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc. and create pages on your Proxy in Squidoo, Hubpages with links to your site. These will eventually more traffic to your website.

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